We looked to see what landscape designs needed to make a powerful impact on people and the Earth.

We understood that they needed to be interactive and responsive. They had to be re-generative and contribute to mental and physical health. They should also contribute to the health of their soils and biodiversity.

We wondered how we could surmount this challenge of lost connectedness to nurturing nature. We wondered how we could empower builders – the group of people ‘developing’ land parcels – to promote spaces that exponentially promoted mental and physical health of their families and friends. With some serious innovation, we put together thoughts, ideas and wishes that grew from a collective wish of bringing to the table a set of designs that warm any heart and instantly create a nature connection for all.

We have designed many empowering gardens that communicate all the yearnings we had for nature in the city.


Low Maintenance

Less Water

Aid in Health

Hardy Plants

Zero chemical inputs

Encourage natural biodiversity


1. Call Happypot @ 7503172761 and let us know the details of your space and your preferences.

2. A team will visit to analyse the space, take pictures and let you know what is possible.

3. We will get back to you with a budget, plans and an estimate of how long the project will take with our guidance.

4. The Mali comes to your place, sets up the garden and gives you tips to take care of your garden.

5. In the following months, he will follow up on maintenance and regular visits if you wish to opt for this service too.

Have a peek into some of our landscape design.